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Sale of photographs

Sale of photographs

Basic information

The Museum of Gdańsk has one of the largest collections of documents, photographs, engravings, and paintings related to the history of the city. You can purchase materials in forms of scans, photos reproductions and the digital files of the exhibits:

  • to which the Museum holds the financial copyright (licence agreement);
  • of any size exceeding the size made publicly available via the portal presenting the museum collection (; there, you can buy files online, without the need to contact the Museum employees (accessibility provision agreement);
  • not digitalised yet (accessibility provision agreement).

The Museum does not sell any photographs/scans, or reproductions of any exhibits it holds no relevant copyright to or any which give rise to a doubt whether the rights have been allocated correctly.


The price for preparing a file for delivery and for making it accessible is PLN 100 net, as prescribed in the binding law.

Should it prove necessary to take a photograph, the cost of preparing the exhibit, taking the photograph, its processing, and making it available is PLN 200 net.

When a larger number of photographs is ordered, the price can be negotiated.

Discounts and exemptions

  • Research staff and students are offered a discount of up to 50% for the services provided in connection with their research work;
    • Research staff are construed to denote university graduates who declare research as their purpose in the application form and quote the topic of their work.
  • The Museum Director can qualify a person with a writer’s output, being in the course of inquiries of academic nature, as satisfying the prerequisites of eligibility for the discount the research staff enjoy;
  • The Museum Director can reduce the prices for the services or waive charging them in accordance with the Museum Act of 21 November 1996, as amended, s. 25. (Journal of Laws of 31 July 2007);
  • Orders for more than 20 photographs in the digital format carry a discount of 10% of the order price.

For further assistance please contact the Digitalisation Section (LINK)

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