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Cookie Policy

Cookie policy


The Museum of Gdańsk uses cookies (hereinafter: cookie files) on its Website.

Cookies are text files with small pieces of data that are stored on the user’s computer or another mobile device while browsing a website.  The files serve e.g. using the various functions provided on a given website, or obtaining confirmation that the specific user has seen the specific content on the specific website.

The cookie files on the Museum of Gdańsk Website serve the following purposes:

  • maintaining the user’s session,
  • recording the user’s session state,
  • enabling authorisation via the logging into the Website,
  • recording the information indispensable for the running of the online shop,
  • restoring the last visited view at the next logging into the product,
  • remembering the user’s choice as to abandoning the display of the selected message or its display for a specific number of times,
  • checking whether the recording in the cookie files is performed correctly,
  • enabling automatic logging into a specific product (option: ‘remember me’),
  • aligning the product content with the users’ preferences,
  • setting of the preferred language,
  • selecting the font size and other properties of the kind, all facilitating the browsing of the website,
  • displaying the products most recently viewed in the online shop.

The Museum of Gdańsk also uses services of third parties the list of which is changeable; the parties use cookie files for the following purposes:

  • to monitor the traffic on our Website;
  • accumulating anonymous, summary statistical data which enable us to understand how the users use our website and continually improve our products,
  • identifying the number of anonymous visitors to our Website,
  • monitoring the frequency at which a specific message is displayed to the users,
  • monitoring the frequency of the users’ choice of the specific service;
  • reviewing subscriptions for the newsletter;
  • using communication tools;
  • integrating into the social networks;

As at the date of this document, the said parties include:

  1. Google Analytics (for more information and to block the Google Analytics browser add-on go to:;
  2. Facebook (for more information go to:

Managing the cookie files

The user can manage the cookie files used by the Museum of Gdańsk or any other third party supplier by changing the settings of his/her web browser.  The standard setting of the website browsing software permits the storage of cookie files on the terminal device by default.  The settings can be changed in the browser options.  Detailed information on the option and methods of managing the cookie files is available in the settings of the software (web browser).

Please, note that rejection of the cookie files may result in incorrect functioning of our services; sometimes, it may also result in total disabling of the selected product.

Last update : 16.07.2024 12:03
Content author : Paula Siwak

Cookies information !

Our website uses cookies for statistical, advertising and functional purposes. Thanks to them, we can customize the site to your needs. Anyone can accept cookies or have the ability to disable them in the browser so that no information is collected