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Museum of Amber

Museum of Amber

Gdańsk deserves the title of the World Capital of Amber. Jewellery and utensils of amber have been produced here for centuries. The Museum of Amber displays natural lumps of the resin and its inclusions, as well as finished products, e.g. jewellery, cutlery and chests. The visitor will learn how amber is formed, how it is extracted, what its properties are, and how it has been worked over the ages.


Renata Adamowicz, manager of the Museum of Amber
r.adamowicz(at); mob.: +48 506 703 664

Joanna Grążawska, deputy manager
a.grazawska(at); mob.: +48 512 418 732

Bartłomiej Kentzer, inclusions
b.kentzer(at); mob.: +48 789 449 648

Ludmiła Skulbaszewska, specialist
biuro.bursztyn(at); mob.: +48 789 449 650

Ewa Pawlęga, office
bursztyn(at); mob.: +48 789 449 649

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