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Image. Benefactors Card with unique number
Benefactors Card with unique number, A. Grabowska (Muzeum Gdańska)
Image. Catalogue of the temporary exhibition "The Museum. What goes in. What goes out?"
Catalogue of the temporary exhibition "The Museum. What goes in? What goes out?"
Image. Indoors. People with items.
Local artists Jola Słoma & Mirek Trymbulak (to the right) are donating Venetian costumes, carnival masks and amber jewelry to the collection of our Museum. The Waldemar Ossowski, the director of the Museum of Gdańsk holds the amber medallion in his hands (to the left).
Image. Indoor. People with a T-shirt of a local football club.
Władysław Barwiński, Jolanta Sikorowska, Henryka Flisykowska, Tomasz Szromnik, Marek Adamkowicz, Barbara Janczukowicz, Waldemar Ossowski and Roman Sikorowski are standing with a GKS Gedania football shirt. The shirt has been recently produced to commemorate Poles from Gdańsk, sportsmen and victims of the 2nd WW.

Join the Benefactor Programme. It's easy!

The Bene­fac­tors of the Gdańsk Museum are a group of over 300 people, women and men from Gdańsk, Poland and from abroad: Ger­many, Great Bri­tain, Uni­ted Sta­tes, Rus­sia, Nor­way, Canada, Israel and Austra­lia.

We hope that this num­ber will soon incre­ase thanks to the pro­gram for any­one who wishes to donate items rela­ted to the history of Gdańsk and its’ inha­bi­tants. We accept tokens regar­dless of their age, form or pre­se­rva­tion state. The items can be a heri­tage object from distant times as well as a testi­mony of ongo­ing events. We accept all objects:

  • toys;
  • old pho­to­gra­phs;
  • old books (as well as manu­scripts);
  • pain­tings, gra­phics & posters
  • coins
  • mili­tary items (weapons)
  • clo­thing;
  • amber & jewelry;
  • other items.

The items can be sli­gh­tly dama­ged, worn off – the most impor­tant cri­te­ria is their uni­que history con­nec­ted with Gdańsk, which dese­rves to be told and kept in the Museum for future gene­ra­tions.

In return for dona­ting the item to our col­lec­tion:

  • The Bene­fac­tor is enti­tled to free admis­sion to the Museum and its’ bran­ches. Guests of the Bene­fac­tor (up to 5 people) are enti­tled to a redu­ced tic­ket;
  • We will also devote tem­po­rary exhi­bi­tions to the donors and their memo­ra­bi­lia, ena­bling the inte­gra­tion of the com­mu­nity of Gdańsk history enthu­sia­sts from all over the world;
  • All Bene­fac­tors rece­ive a disco­unt on the publi­ca­tions of the Gdańsk Museum (a 10% disco­unt);
  • If we publish a book with an image of the dona­ted item, the publi­ca­tion is given to the Bene­fac­tor free of charge;
  • We pro­vide free digi­ti­za­tion of the dona­ted souve­nirs and place their image along with infor­ma­tion about the donor on our Online Col­lec­tion por­tal.

Start dona­ting now by e-mailing us at: histo­ria­@mu­zeumg­


The disco­unt on the publi­ca­tions is gran­ted only after e-mail con­tact at and pro­vi­ding the Bene­fac­tors Card num­ber and the iden­tity of its owner.

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